Welcome to The Loft by Lauren Nicole

Welcome to the Loft by Lauren Nicole.... We are so happy you are here!!
So I have a question for you. When you think "Online Boutique", what is your immediate thought? Do you have a positive thought? "Hey, shopping from the couch in my PJ's is awesome". Or do you think negatively, maybe based on prior experiences? Sizes are way too small (a large is really a medium) or product is cheaply made (it shrinks after the first wash). If you're like me, you've experienced both.
The Loft by Lauren Nicole hopes to squash those negative impressions and focus on only the positive - price, convenience, quality and a FUN experience. I made a pact with myself when I began thinking about this venture that I would NOT carry any "Made in China" clothing unless the vendor is producing quality clothing. After trying to only purchase USA MADE clothing, I was unable to secure some trends that I know you would love sooooo you will see "Made In China" products through two specific known brands - Entro & Umgee. The majority of the items The Loft will offer are either USA MADE clothing, along with a few items coming from South America. We want to be as transparent as possible, so we will label all products with Country Origin. We carry sizes Small, Medium, Large, XLarge, 1XL, 2XL, 3XL & a few 4XL.
Now on to who we are! The Loft is named after my sweet and creatively talented daughter, Nicole Lauren. (switched the names to Lauren Nicole, so she wouldn't get a big head). She and her husband live in Clarksville, TN with their adorable dog, Benji. You will see Nikki's hand print everywhere as she is hand making some of the Home Decor items, as well as purchasing styles that her peers will just "have to have".
My name is Shirley and I'm her Mom. Joe, my sweet boyfriend and I live in the outskirts of Memphis, in a small community called Rossville. I hope you will enjoy seeing models in our clothing of all shapes, sizes, and ages. Again, thank you for your support and above all, your trust in allowing me to bring you quality, fun and fashionable trends. If you have any suggestions, comments or complaints (hopefully NONE), we welcome any and all! Cheers ~ Shirley & Nikki

"Clouds in my Coffee"

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